We learn something new each time we go to puppy school!

I just want to take a moment to ask if you can pass on thanks to Gwen and Kim for the sharing of their competence and talent. I know that we are paying for their expertise but, feel that it is important they know they are making a difference in how we manage and get to know our dog, Lucy. We learn something new each time we go to puppy school, and it gives us peace of mind leaving with the self-confidence we need in order to raise a well-behaved dog. Among many things, the most impactful thing I learned to this point was when Gwen said, “I am giving you permission to not let your dog run your life.” Sometimes, we just need someone to give us permission!!!

Both Kim and Gwen are incredibly skilled, kind, genuine and loving; all wonder characteristics to have in the field they are working in.
Wishing you a wonderful day,
Diana Reyers

Diana Reyers,
CEO, Daringly Mindful™ Authenticity Coaching
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Diana R.