ProDen Plaque Off® – Dental Treatment for Dogs and Cats

ProDen Plaque Off®

As pet owners we are all concerned with the oral health of our dogs and cats.



Brushing daily is not a viable option for most of us and can be difficult and frustrating …

Chews can help considerably, but not all dogs are chewers.

Here’s a dental solution for your pets that will make a difference…


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 Proden Plaque Off®

Invented in Sweden for human use ProDen Plaque Off® is a natural and easy solution to manage oral health in our pets.

We’re sure you’ll find this easy to use natural product which contains seaweed, rich in vitamins and  minerals, a real treat to use. You simply sprinkled on your pets food daily.

What could be easier than that! 

Although it may take a few months to see a difference you must remember that it has taken years for your pet’s teeth to develop the plaque and tartar.

We love that ProDen Plaque Off® is a natural product and does not contain gluten or preservatives.

If you’ve ever gotten veterinarian dental work or cleaning done for your pet, you know they are usually put under aesthetic for the procedure. It’s a procedure we all want to avoid as it is very costly and does put our pets at risk. In fact, the plaque does tend to return very quickly, so if you’ve had a treatment like that done, follow up with a product such as ProDen Plaque Off®.

It’s a wonderful way to ensure that your pet’s teeth maintain that clean and healthy sparkle after cleaning.

Some pets will allow you to scale their teeth, and that’s a great way to assist in their oral health. Use ‘ProDen Plaque Off®’ to minimise plaque and soften tartar, and scaling will be quick and easy job.

We all want to keep our pets healthy and give them a great quality of life into their senior years and their oral health certainly goes a  long way to ensure they maintain good health.

Using ProDen Plaque Off® daily will help keep those teeth sparkling clean!