Volunteering is a service that can be offered by old and young alike. As a community we encourage volunteering by having students complete a mandatory number of service hours. Seniors are wonderful volunteers and may offer to help others to appointments and give emotional support during trying times. Big Brothers and Big Sisters mentor youngsters and set an example for them to follow.

Luv-a-k9 Therapy Team

Our pets make great volunteers too! Everyone has heard of Therapy Dogs and cats, but do you know how much they really bring to your community? Most people are aware that Seniors’ Residences love having pets come to visit and that petting and talking to a dog is very calming and relaxing. Pets are appearing during exam week at some universities and schools to help calm nerves and bring a better energy to students. Some dogs are “Reading” dogs and are being used to have students improve their reading skills by having a dog listen to a story!

Did you know that some pets volunteer in a prison setting, or in hospitals or mental health units? There are so many applications where dogs and their handlers add a very special service to staff and clients by sharing the joy that their dogs bring. We even had a little girl who “hated” her daily physiotherapy learn to look forward to it because of a visiting Therapy Dog who helped her with her daily routine. That’s cool!

LUV-A-K9 students have done Agility and Rally Obedience demo’s in our local seniors’ facilities for many, many years, and love to see how much it is enjoyed by the staff and residents. Residents look forward to these events and are always thrilled by how clever the dogs are! This inspired us to formalize things and turn our talented dogs and their handlers into a “LUV-A-K9 Team Therapy Dog”.  We are all very excited to announce this newest venture!

Our “team” dogs will have Rally & Agility skills so they can put on “demos” to entertain seniors and give them something to look forward to on a regular basis. We are working with the community to determine exactly what would suit their needs best, and they are very excited about this option. Do you want to work towards being a “Team Therapy Dog” – we’d love to have you!

Call Derek @ 613-389-2895 for more information.