LUV-A-K9 has operated in the Kingston area for over 30 years. Our obedience program, developed by Lynn Ewart with her extensive knowledge is both comprehensive and effective. Lynn has retired and has graciously handed the reins over to me.

“Thank you Lynn, for this wonderful opportunity to continue to help people and their pets in the coming years” – Gwenneth

With a 24 year history of working my sighthounds in obedience, conformation, agility, lure coursing and Rally O, it was a natural step to acquire LUV-A-K9. Eighteen years ago, with Lynn’s support, I developed the first comprehensive agility program in the Kingston area and many of our students compete very successfully and all of them have a great time!


The highlight of  2008 – we were the opening act for RCMP MUSICAL RIDE at SKY’S THE LIMIT!   A wonderful time was had by all – it was fabulous!   We are very proud of  our contribution to this community fundraiser over the past 10 years!

At our 2010 New Year’s Day Agility Match Fundraiser we raised $600 for the Salvation Army and almost filled the Food Bank Bin for Partners in Mission Food Bank.   Thank you so much to all of our participants and helpers – let’s do this again in 2011!

At our 2011 New Year’s Day Agility Match Fundraiser we raised $650 for the Partners in Mission Food Bank and  participants brought in lots of food too!   Thank you so much to all of our participants and helpers – let’s do this again in 2012!

At our 2012 New Year’s Day Agility Match Fundraiser we raised $2,000. for the Partners in Mission Food Bank Huge thanks to our Agility and Therapy dogs!  Special thanks to everyone who participated and brought in food, and especially our helpers who made the day run smoothly!

Our  2013 New Year’s Day Agility Match Fundraiser was a great success with lots of food going to the Food Bank along with cash donations, and $500 worth of goods to Interval House.  Huge thanks to all of our students who participated and special thanks to team Bug-z and Linda who collected so much food and are so dedicated to helping.  LUV-A-K9 students (dogs & people) are the best!

New Year’s Day Agility Fundraiser 2014 was so much fun!   Both new and experienced students had a great time and brought in lots of donations for the Food Bank and HomeBaseHousing!  Santa granted a very special little girl’s Christmas Wish to help others with a cheque for $100 so along with the food we gave a total of $500 to the Food Bank!  Team Bug-z brought in over 550 food items – what an effort – huge thanks to Bug-z and friends!

New Year’s Day Agility Fundraiser 2015 was fantastic!   The participants had so much fun and did such a great job!   We were able to donate $500 to HomeBaseHousing which we know is so much appreciated, and will be used to purchase hats, socks, mitts, scarves and other needed items.    Team Bug-Z  outdid themselves and raised over 1,000 items of food for the Food Bank, and along with the items brought into the training room that’s ALOT of food!    Bug-Z is just amazing and we are so grateful for the effort and kindness shown by all her friends and admirers!   We have heard rumors that Bug-Z is recruiting helpers to make next year even more amazing!   If you and your dog want to be on the “team” let us know!

Awesome job! – Let’s make Kingston, Ontario a “Canine Good Neighbour” city!