The Best Age to Start Classes:

• As early as 10 weeks of age with 2nd vaccinations
• Start young – before problems develop
• Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks
• Beginner classes are available for any dog that missed the puppy training

Class List

Classes (6 weeks long = $130.00)


Learn how to prevent common puppy problems like jumping up, hand biting, barking, chewing and house soiling. Teach your pup to walk properly on leash, come, sit, down and stand on command. Socialize your puppy with other dogs and people in a positive, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

PUPPY GRADUATE: Enhance your puppy’s good manners and social skills by continuing to teach them how you want them to behave at home, on walks, and in the presence of other people and dogs. Teach come when out running free, heel on your walks, and to understand and obey sit, stand and down stays. Graduates can progress to Intermediate.

BEGINNER: Teach basic obedience and verbal control so your dog is a safe, happy and responsive pet. Learn how to deal with behavioural problems like jumping up, hand biting, barking, chewing, and digging. Teach your dog not to pull on leash, heel by your side, come when called, stand, sit and down stays. Build your skills so you have a well mannered house pet that is a pleasure to own. Graduates can progress to Intermediate.

INTERMEDIATE: Teach your dog how to remain calm and responsive during everyday distractions all while having fun! Emphasis is placed in the attention your dog gives you. Hand signals are added to verbal commands and skills are fine tuned.

RALLY OBEDIENCE: A challenging new form of obedience that turns dull obedience into a game! Different “signs” are followed in a numbered course, so close attention and lots of thinking is required! Working together as a team has never been more fun!

AGILITY: Dog walks, jumps, teeters, tunnels, chutes – loads of fun obstacles for your dog to negotiate! What a great sport for young or old, dogs and people! Build your dog’s confidence, enhance your relationship, have lots of fun and great exercise!

CANINE GOOD NEIGHBOUR: Promotes responsible pet ownership – so important now with some of the dog “issues”. CKC certificate is issued upon a pass of this worthwhile test. Take classes to prepare for it – “study” together and take the test!

SHOW HANDLING: Your dog is the “best ever” and you want everyone to know it! Try showing your dog – it’s easy, fun, and a great day out for both of you.

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